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Erwin Cox - InterNACHI Certified Home Inspector

Erwin Cox, Founder

Erwin Cox started his home inspection business in Howard County, Indiana, in 1974. In those days, there was no such thing as a home inspection license in our state, or even “home inspectors” for that matter. Erwin was a high school history teacher that bought, remodeled, and resold houses on the side. After a while, realtors began calling him to ask his opinion regarding various concerns their clients had about houses they were buying. Eventually, the requests for these opinions reached the point that Erwin decided to begin charging a fee for consultations. Thus, Erwin Cox Home Inspection was born. Erwin’s home inspection business was the FIRST official one in the county and he operated it for 46 years. As of this writing, Erwin still runs a construction and mold remediation business but is retired from inspecting. He is a graduate of Drake University, a Howard County Hall of Fame member for athletics, and a former pilot. He enjoys spending time with his wife Loretta, hanging out with his grandchildren, and golfing. On a side note, Erwin is an extremely friendly and funny character.

Meet Your Inspector Scott

Scott Gifford, Owner

I first met Erwin Cox over 20 years ago. Like him, I also bought, remodeled, and resold houses. At the time, it seemed like Erwin was hired by the buyers to inspect nearly every house I sold. Eventually, we got to know each other and I began consulting with him to improve my remodeling skills. Years went by and Erwin eventually suggested that I get an inspector’s license for myself. After he retired, I did so. I asked Erwin if he would be willing to mentor me in the world of home inspecting and he agreed. The rest, as they say, is history. Erwin has since entrusted me with his name and our families are and will always be good friends. I enjoy my work and am grateful for his knowledge and support over these many years.

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